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Building platforms and tools to maximise your brand relationship and value

We are Centre Point Media: A digital creative agency building platforms and tools to help your business (re)connect with your customers across multiple touch points.

The business landscape is changing and disruption is everywhere. The key to competitive advantage is no longer the sum of all efficiencies but the sum of all connections. The direct-to-customer business model is becoming more and more important, as is the opportunity to build a strong relationship with your customer.

We can help you seize that opportunity, maximise your brand relationship and maximise your value.

01 Think Different

We inspire you to think differently about customer interaction, helping to make you more relevant in a disruptive environment.

We will help you put the customer first in your business's thinking and help highlight any gaps or shortcomings across the customer journey.

02 Innovate

Innovation is crucial to refining processes, generating new value and improving customer relationships.

We are big believers in Garage Innovation: a culture of experimentation; intense team-working; risk-taking; urgency; and prototyping. With our extensive industry experience and technical know-how we can help you innovate and realise new ideas.

03 Move Fast

We are agile and nimble. We design, engineer and deliver at lightning speed.

Combining agile methodologies, rapid prototyping and a minimum viable product model we are able to engineer solutions and adapt to change quickly, whilst minimising cost and waste. This puts us (and you) at a significant advantage over bigger agencies and consultancies.

04 Validate

We take an empirical approach to all of our work. We believe in testing and validating our assumptions, designing solutions around data and validating every decision, approach and solution against the role it has in growing the value of your business.

05 Collaborate

Building strong, collaborative relationships with our clients is at the heart of what we do. Collaboration enables us to think differently, and allows us to move forward together, constantly learning, constantly innovating, constantly evolving.

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